2 pig trotters or 1 cow heel
2 lb stewing steak or brisket
8 oz pickled meat
2 lb ox tail
 pt cassareep
2 red peppers
1 inch piece dried orange or lemon peel
1 inch piece of cinnamon stick
3 cloves
2 oz sugar
salt to taste


Wipe and clean meat thoroughly. Put heel or trotters in pan. Cover and bring to boil. Skim. When half tender, add other mats, and hot water to cover. Cook for about 1 hour. Add other ingredients and simmer until meat is tender. Adjust flavor for salt and sugar. Serve hot. Serves 8 Note This dish develops more flavor when left over a period of days. It must be reheated o boiling point each day. This is a typical Amerindian dish.