Things To Do In Guyana

Begin your quest for the unexpected in Guyana. Start with a visit at the Kaieteur Falls, the longest water fall in the world then continue the Stabroek Market where you can buy anything.

  • kaiteur falls guyana Kaieteur Falls Sightseeing Kaieteur Falls is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world. It has a free fall height of over 700 feet.
  • st. george cathedral guyana georgetown St. George's Cathedral Sightseeing One of the World's Tallest Wooden Structure (132 feet) located in Church St, Georgetown.
  • stabroek market guyana georgetown Stabroek Market Sightseeing The Stabroek Market, which sell everything, is one of the most distinctive buildings in Georgetown, Guyana.
  • parliament building guyana Parliament Building Sightseeing This landmark building housing Guyana's parliament was completed in 1834. It was designed by James Hadfield.
  • Cuffy Guyana Cuffy Sightseeing The 1763 Monument features one of Guyana's nation heroes, Cuffy, and was unveiled in 1976. The monument commemorates the slave uprising of 1763 which was led by Cuffy.
  • demerara floating guyana georgetown Demerara Floating Bridge Sightseeing The longest floating bridges in the world going across the Demerara River just outside Georgetown, Guyana. The middle sections of the bridge retract to allow large vessels to pass.
  • State House Guyana State House Sightseeing The President of Guyana's official residence is State House on Main Street. Built in 1845 as the Governor's residence, it's beautifully appointed interior is renowned.
  • Umana Yana guyana Umana Yana Sightseeing Is Wai-Wai for "meeting place of the people." It is 55 feet tall and was built by a group of Wai-Wai Indians in 1972. This type of Amerindian thatched hut is called a benab.
  • City Hall Guyana City Hall Sightseeing Georgetown's beautiful wooden City Hall was built in 1889 at the corner of Regent Street and Avenue of the Republic.
  • The High Court Guyana The High Court Sightseeing Opened in 1887, The High Court sits between Brickdam and Croal Streets and is also called the Victoria Law Court.
  • Walter Roth Museum Guyana Walter Roth Museum Sightseeing This museum of artifacts relating to Guyana's nine Amerindian tribes is located on Main Street.
  • Church of The Sacred Heart Guyana Sacred Heart Sightseeing This beautiful wooden church was built in 1862 for the Portuguese community to celebrate mass in their own language.
  • St Andrew's Kirk Guyana St Andrew's Kirk Sightseeing At the corner of Brickdam and the Avenue of the Republic you'll find the oldest church in Georgetown, St. Andrew's Kirk. It was completed in 1818.
  • guyana botanical gardens kissing bridge Botanical Gardens Sightseeing While visiting Gerogetown, Guyana, make sure you visit two of Guyana's most beautiful gardens: the Botanical and Promenade Gardens.
  • macaw guyana zoo Guyana Zoo Sightseeing When you visit the Guyana Zoo, you can expect to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere with family and friends while learning more about the wild animals of Guyana.
  • Sea wall Guyana Sea Wall Sightseeing This 280 mile wall is a Dutch built dyke that protects Georgetown against flooding. it is a favorite "liming",jogging and kite-flying spot.