Vermicelli (Sawai)


1 lb vermicelli
8 ozs ghee
10 ozs sugar
1/2 tin condensed milk
2 eggs
1 oz spice
8 cardamons (ground)
9 cloves
2 pts milk (fresh or powdered)
Some raisins and cut cherries


Heat a large pan and parch vermicelli with one tablespoon ghee until golden brown. Remove vermicelli from pan. In another pan mix condensed milk and regular milk with sugar. Heat while stirring continuously. Do not allow to boil. In first large pot, heat remainder of ghee with spice and cloves until dark brown. Add immediately, previously parched vermicelli, hot milk and sugar mixture and two beaten eggs. Stir well, cover and allow to boil with moderate heat until partly solid. Add ground cardamoms and raisins and continue cooking with low heat until almost completely solid. Place mixture in pan and decorate with cherries. When cool cut in squares.