1/2 kilo pork tenderloin (cut into chunk cubes) 

1/4 kilo pork liver (cut into cubes)

4 pieces chorizo Bilbao (sliced to the same size as

1 big red bell pepper (diced)

1 big green bell pepper (diced) 

3 big potatoes (peeled, diced and deep fried) 

1 1/2 cup chickpeas 

1/2 cup raisins 

1/2 teaspoon Spanish paprika 

1 cup stock or water 

Pinch of salt and pepper 

3 tablespoons oil 

1 tablespoon atsuete oil 

1 small head of garlic (minced) 

1 medium size onion (diced) 

2 big tomatoes (diced) 

1/2 cup grated cheese


1. In a casserole, heat cooking oil and atsuete oil. 2. Saute garlic, onion, and tomatoes. 3. Add in pork chunks, pork liver, chorizo bilbao, bell pepper, Spanish paprika and stock. 4. Simmer until pork is tender. 5. Add in potatoes, chickpeas, and raisins. 6. Season to taste. 7. Finish grated cheese. 8. Serve hot.