French Meatballs


   1 lb           Lean Hamburg
   1/4   lb       Sausage meat
   1     ea       Onion
   1     t        Parsley
   1     c        Dry bread soaked in the milk
   1     ea       Egg
   1/4   c        Milk


Combine meats, onions and parsley. Add bread, egg, salt & pepper. Chill. Form into small balls and roll in flour. Brown on all sides in fry pan. Sauce: 2 tblsp. butter, 2 tblsp. flour, 2 cups consomme, parsley,tyme and bay leaf. Melt butter, stir in flour and then add consomme and seasonings. Stir till thickens and add meatballs, simmer for 20 min.