Trix ice mix


1/2 cup canned peaches, syrup reserved 
    2 tbsp. crushed pineapple, syrup reserved 
    1 tbsp. sweetened langka, syrup reserved 
    2 cups shaved ice 
    2 tbsp. NESTLÉ Trix 
    1 tbsp. NESTLÉ Koko Krunch 
    1 tbsp. NESTLÉ Honey Stars 
Langka Syrup: Combine- 
    1 tbsp. peaches syrup 
    1/8 tsp. langka flavoring 
    2 drops yellow food coloring 
    1 tbsp. sugar 
    1/4 cup CARNATION Evap 
Langka Syrup: Combined- 
    1 tbsp. pineapple syrup 
    1 tbsp. langka syrup 


1. Arrange peaches at the bottom of a holo-halo bowl. Add crushed pineapple and sweetened langka. 2. Top with shaved ice and drizzle with the prepared langka syrup. 3. Garnish with your favorite NESTLÉ Cereal. Serve immediately.